Webinar - Our future at stake: The corporate capture of multilateralism

This Round Table aims at unveiling this partnership with the “Davos Class” and its consequences for people and the planet. Facing such a threat, it is key to organize our struggles for a democratic and inclusive world, and a healthy environment.

"Our Common agenda”, the Report released by the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres in September 2021, laid out the road map for the global agenda for the coming years. Behind beautiful words and good intentions, the strategy revealed a future of corporate led global governance based on multistakeholder mechanisms where civil society and developing states have little say.


  • Rosa Pavanelli (Public Services International)

  • Barbara Figueroa (TUCA)

  • Jeremy Corbyn (Member of the House of Commons, UK)

  • Harris Gleckmann (University of Massachusetts Boston)

Facilitation: Sofia Monsalve (FIAN) and Sulakshana Nandi (PHM)

Wrap up and conclusions: Brid Brennan, (TNI)

To read the report you can here: https://www.tni.org/en/publication/the-great-takeover