Since 1907, on the frontlines of the struggle for economic and social justice

We are the workers who
make society happen.

We are the Global Union Federation of Workers in Public Services.

We are your nurses, firefighters and emergency responders. We collect your recycling and rubbish, we keep your water running, we make sure the lights stay on. We are your librarians and frontline public service staff. We fight for quality public services for all.

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Our international union solidarity project in Pakistan has helped tens of thousands of community health workers win formal recognition. Last month, PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli led an international visit to support their efforts and share their strategies with other unions in the region. Victories like this are made stronger with the support of global partners: Fórsa, Kommunal, Fagforbundet, FOA and JHL.


We need a feminism with teeth – willing to take on those in power and fight for policy change today, rather than the promise of incremental improvement in the future!

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PSI at COP25 (Madrid) - Recap 6

Dec 18, 2019

David Boys

Deputy General Secretary