Since 1907, on the frontlines of the struggle for economic and social justice

We are the workers who
make society happen.

We are the Global Union Federation of Workers in Public Services.

We are your nurses, firefighters and emergency responders. We collect your recycling and rubbish, we keep your water running, we make sure the lights stay on. We are your librarians and frontline public service staff. We fight for quality public services for all.

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Peters Adeyemi at the opening of a meeting held in Casablanca (Morocco) on 1-3 October. PSI affiliates and Civil Society Organizations in Africa and the MENA region call for a complete eradication of ISDS in investment and trade agreements, and a discontinuation of the Multilateral Investment Court (a reform proposal of the EU, to the ISDS) in the UNCITRAL Process.


We need a feminism with teeth – willing to take on those in power and fight for policy change today, rather than the promise of incremental improvement in the future.

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Saludo de Rosa Pavanelli al 38 Congreso del STUNAM

Aug 30, 2019

Marcelo Netto

Head of Communications