PSI Trade union development projects are implemented in six areas of work: Trade union rights, Health and social services, Utilities, Organising and capacity building, Global policy, Local and regional government.

PSI greatly appreciates the support of the many affiliates whose direct contributions in 2020 made our project work possible, such as: Akademikerförbundet SRR ( Sweden); CGSP (Belgium); CUPE (Canada); Fórsa (Ireland); Kommunal (Sweden); KNS (Nordic countries); JHL (Finland); JYTY (Finland); OEGB (Austria); PRO (Finland); PSAC (Canada); ST (Sweden); TEHY (Finland); UNISON (UK); Vårdförbundet (Sweden) and Vision (Sweden).

Also, PSI gratefully acknowledges partnership with the following Trade Union Solidarity Support Organizations (TUSSOs): DGB-BW (Germany); DTDA (Denmark); EU – DEAR (Europe); FES (Germany); FNV Mondiaal (Netherlands); SASK (Finland) and Union to Union (Sweden).