UNCSW67 - Feminist Digital Justice Declaration

Rosa Pavanelli, PSI General Secretary was invited to speak at the UNCSW67 parallel event organised by DAWN and IT for Change UNCSW67 to launch the Feminist Digital Justice Declaration.

Thank you for inviting me to this interesting meeting. I may be a bit naive in my comments, as I am not an expert in technology, but rather an analog native due to my age. However, I would like to commend and thank IT for Change for their contributions to opening our eyes to the digital transformation that is affecting us all. This includes their work on the declaration of feminist digital justice, as well as their broader efforts. I am proud to say that we have also cooperated with them to address how workers can be active in this digital transition.

data is the new gold of the third millennium. It is the oil of the third millennium.

We must realize that data is the new gold of the third millennium. It is the oil of the third millennium. Health is wealth, and we need to understand that all possible attacks on the commodification of data are to make a profit. We need to approach this issue by being aware that this is primarily an economic, class, and gender fight that we need to fight.

There are important aspects that this declaration addresses, such as the need to work together and have a common vision on the use of data in a digital era. We must ensure that our society continues to maintain ethical behaviour, which is necessary for democracy. The issue of protecting data is important, but the collective ownership of data is even more critical. We cannot allow data to be commodified and purchased on any platform. We need to claim that there is a public duty and a public responsibility of the government to protect data.

There is an issue of the responsibility of governance that needs to be addressed. Anytime that a government begins its digital transition, it often outsources the work without taking into account how to protect not only data, but their own know-how. This weakens the power of the government and public administration. We need to also think about individual habits and how we can make a change in this situation. A right-based approach is crucial to building a digital democracy where the gender aspect is considered.

We need to find a language that is understandable by the broad public. It is important to translate these principles into a language that everyone can understand. This is a democratic exercise that we need to do if we want to succeed in this challenge. PSI is committed to doing that and continuing to work together in that direction. We will bring the experience of women workers within the feminist movement and create an osmosis that enriches all of us from different parts.

I invite all of you to our event on gender transformative digital New Deal on Friday at 12:30 at the Church Centers, where we will continue this conversation. I hope to have all of you contributing to our discussion."