RadioLabour: Challenges and priorities for workers in Waste Management

A PSI delegation will join the Fourth Session of the Plastic Treaty negotiations in Ottawa, advocating for local public service workers' interests alongside labor representatives. Daria Cibrario, PSI's policy officer, discussed the challenges and priorities for workers in waste management on RadioLabour Canada.

A PSI delegation will be participating in the Fourth Session of the Plastic Treaty negotiations taking place in Ottawa from April 23 to 29, 2024. This conference, convened by the International Negotiating Committee on Plastic Pollution, marks a significant step in the development of a global treaty aimed at addressing the plastic crisis.

In attendance will be representatives from various sectors, including labour and intergovernmental organizations such as the International Labour Organization (ILO). Notably, the PSI delegation will collaborate with labor representatives from the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) to advocate for the interests of local public service workers.

The PSI delegation comprises individuals with expertise and firsthand experience in waste management. Among them are a representative from AGOEC, the union representing waste workers at the public waste facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as members from the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Additionally, the PSI Local and Regional Government Officer will be present to provide insights and policy perspectives.

Daria Cibrario, PSI's policy officer for Local and Regional Government, recently shared insights on the challenges and priorities facing local public service workers in an interview on RadioLabour.