Public Services and the Triple Cs: Covid, Conflicts and the Climate Crisis

As the world continues to battle the covid pandemic, the climate crisis also continues to deepen, with its most profound impacts witnessed in disasters caused by extreme weather occurrences such as, forest fires, floods and typhoons or by slow-onset events such as, droughts and desertification.

In these two years that the world has been grappling with the covid pandemic, climate disasters have continued taking their toll in human lives. In 2020 alone, 30.7 million people were displaced by disasters, of which more than 98% were weather-related, such as floods, storms and wildfires. Some regions continued having record-breaking temperatures leading to water scarcity, drought, and loss of farmlands. Environmental degradation from climate change is fuelling more conflicts and violence, causing people to flee for their safety. The climate crisis, combined and interlinked with conflicts and the covid pandemic, is a major driver of forced migration today.