LRGWG2: Trade Union Strategies for Remunicipalisation - Donna Rowe-Merrimann

Donna Rowe-Merrimann is National Secretary, Business, Community and Environment at UNISON in the UK.

At UNISON Donna has developed many years of expertise in privatisation process, private contractors, utilities, and procurement and has extensively exposed and fought against the predatory, extractivist behaviours of private service providers making the case for in-sourcing, including in highly feminised council services such as care.

Donna tells us about what she sees emerging within this context and gives us her views on what trade unions and workers can do to reclaim public services but also to stop and go after outsourcing multinationals seeking to grab lucrative local services contracts away from cash strapped councils.

This presentation is part of the 2022 workshop of the PSI Global LRG Network’s Working Group on Remunicipalisation/In-sourcing (WG2).

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