LRGNEXT2021 Session #3 Gender & Intersectionality - Verónica Montúfar

Verónica Montúfar is Public Services International (PSI) Equalities Officer.

Women represent the largest share of workers in many LRG professions (e. g. community health services, child and elderly care, etc.). Together with other vulnerable categories (e.g. disabled, LGBTI, migrant and refugee workers, etc.) they face multiple layers of discrimination and bear the brunt of the precariousness and poor working conditions of many LRG jobs. This section will look at LRG union policies and good practices to ensure human and labour rights, decent working conditions and inclusion for all LRG workers.

This presentation is part of the LRGNEXT2021 Thematic Series, Session 3 Part 2 "Gender & intersectionality in LRG services and workplaces".

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