LRGNext2021 Session #2 Remunicipalisation - Andrew Cumbers

Professor Andrew Cumbers draws a draw a global picture of the state and trends of remunicipalisation worldwide.

Professor of Political Economy, University of Glasgow, UK, he and holds a European Research Council Advanced Grant: ‘Global Remunicipalisation and the Post-Neoliberal Turn’. His current research focuses upon the role of economic democracy and public participation in creating more equitable and sustainable forms of development.

PSI and TNI work closely with his team at the University of Glasgow to build a body of data and build a fact- evidence based counter narrative to the dominant pro-privatisation narrative spread by the WB, IMF, OECD, and also based and rooted on trade unions, progressive local government and communities is already happening and it works for the people, for the planet and for the economy – better quality and access.

This presentation is part of the LRGNext2021 series, Thematic Session 2 - Remunicipalisation: Reclaiming local public services for all.

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