International Women's Day - #IWD2022

PSI General Secretary, Rosa Pavanelli, delivers PSI message for International Women's Day, calling for a transformational, feminist, just, and equitable transition.

PSI envisions a transition that: 

  • Addresses the intersecting crises of the pandemic, the climate and growing and entrenched inequalities, based on the right to a healthy environment as proclaimed by the UN Human Rights Council and features the human right to care.

  • Rapidly decarbonises societies while also rebuilding the social organisation of care and increasing quality and gender-transformative public services required to reduce gender and social inequalities. 

  • Provides opportunities to change the current sexual division of labour, promoting decent work, including unionisation rights, for women of the world.

  • Ensures that the production, transmission, distribution, and control of energy is publicly owned. Taking in principles of energy democracy, where women have full political capacity and representation to make decisions over the energy affecting their lives and communities. 

  • Ensures all levels of government have adequate and predictable gender-responsive financing to meet the needs of people and the planet, funded by reforms of international and national tax regulations and establishing sovereign debt arrangements

This year we commemorate International Women’s Day while we hold our breath for the risk of a global war. Bombs and weapons are not green! Wars are human-made disasters that impact on the environment as well as on society. The environmental damage of the attack on Ukraine will be counted for years, as that of all the other conflicts around the world. Once again women pay the highest toll. An effective commitment to disarmament is the only response to ensure the peace and all the conditions for a sustainable social, environmental, economic and gender focused development. The time to call for a global reduction of military expenses and more investment on social services is now!