Call for support for Pakistan Solidarity fund

PSI’s Asia Pacific Regional Executive Council passed a resolution and established a solidarity fund to support affiliates in Pakistan to address the devastating floods across Sindh and Balochistan provinces.

The floods have displaced at least 7.9 million people, killed more than 1600, and damaged or destroyed more than 2 million houses and 1460 health facilities, wiping out a large part of the country's agriculture.

Frontline workers, including the Community Health Workers that PSI supports in Sindh province, are struggling to address the immediate crisis of injured and displaced people while the risks of water-borne diseases and limited medical supplies threaten to create further hardship.

PSI calls on affiliates to support the solidarity fund and to re-double our efforts to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels, particularly in OECD countries, and support the cancellation of Pakistan’s sovereign debt as part of climate reparations.

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