Access to Public Education and Technology - Tifonie Powell

Tifonie Powell, General Secretary of the Jamaica Civil Service Association speaking at the Oxfam UNCSW67 Parallel event, Assault of Austerity: Access to Public Education and Technology, 8 March 2023.

Jamaica is a small island developing state, and as a region, we face the same global issues that affect everyone. I am happy to be here to express our concerns and explore solutions. I listened to the panelists and appreciate their insights on the topic. While listening, I was using the Period app and wondered about the privacy of my information, especially in countries where abortion is illegal. Data privacy is a concern when it comes to digital technology and who makes decisions on behalf of women.

Data privacy is a concern when it comes to digital technology and who makes decisions on behalf of women.

We are currently seeing a dominance of the digital age, which has caused exclusion, extraction, commodification, and capital accumulation. The market power of multinationals and big tech companies has led to the privatization of public services. We must address tax justice, tax evasion, and manipulation of trade negotiations, which contribute to greater inequality and poverty.

Digitalization and telework have greatly impacted women in the formal and informal economy, including public services. Artificial intelligence and algorithmic profit use have led to more commodification of women's sexual and reproductive health. We must also address surveillance that undermines human and women's rights.

To address these issues, Public Services International, Dawn, ActionAid, Oxfam, Cesar, Global Action on Tax Justice, Tax Justice Network, Womankind, Femnet, and IT for Change have joined forces to call for a Digital New Deal. We invite everyone to join us on March 10th at 12:30 Eastern Standard Time for an event at the Church Center. We will discuss a common agenda for a gender-transformative digital New Deal and endorse the Feminist Digital Justice Declaration for generational equality. Let us work together to create a safer and more accessible digital world for all.