Precarious Work in the Egyptian Employment Relations

This study on precarious work contracts, non-standard Forms of Employment (NSFE) and worker’s conditions during the pandemic in the Egyptian Employment Relations is part of the project "Strengthening organisational and campaigning capacities of PSI affiliates in Egypt" implemented by PSI in partnership with Union to Union (U2U) and the Swedish affiliates, VISION and Kommunal.

This study aims to rebalance employment relationships and identify the most serious problems of non-standard forms of employment (NSFE) & precarious work contracts to call for some legislative amendments to eliminate or avoid these problems. The study addresses the following points: 

  • Precarious types and forms of employment contracts (work for hire, on-call, on-project, interns... etc.). 

  • New forms of precarious contracts under the Corona pandemic (online work, work from home "part or all time"... etc.).  

  • Work without employment contracts (day-to-day employment, domestic workers, sub-employment companies). 

  • Divisions of employment according to contract types. 

  • Legal and financial conditions of workers of NSFE. 

  • Social protection and security rights for workers of NSFE. 

  • The increase of the informal sector with the rise of precarious employment contracts. 

Precarious work poster in Arabic
Precarious work poster in Arabic