Local & Regional Government Workers Portraits

Local & Regional Government Workers Portraits

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PSI has produced a series of posters, in several languages, representing LRG workers at work. Feel free to download and use them!

Hundreds of Local and Regional Government (LRG) services professions exist, making up the wealth of our public services. PSI is collecting powerful portraits of LRG workers and union members and turning them into posters with a motto in different languages.

The purpose is to enhance the visibility of LRG workers globally, celebrate the diversity of LRG professions and raise awareness on the value they bring to our cities, town and local communities among residents, users, employers and policy-makers to ensure LRG workers' role and voices are acknowledged  and listened to.

PSI uses such posters in its meetings, communications and public events, and disseminates it for advocacy purposes - including on on 31 October 2021 UN’s World Cities’ Day. You are welcome to download them and use them for your own campaigns.

We ask PSI affiliates' assistance to continue building the LRG workers gallery, especially for professions that are often overlooked, invisible or marginalised.

Should you wish to contribute to the PSI LRG Workers' Portraits Gallery, kindly send your send hi-resolution portraits to daria.cibrario@world-psi.org. Please ensure prior privacy clearance with portrayed workers at your end for the use of the picture to enable dissemination.

World Cities Day: LRG Workers rights are human rights!


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