C190 Train the Trainers Toolkit (Facilitator Guide)

This manual is primarily for workers’ educators and facilitators as well as trade union staff and representatives, to develop training programmes for trade union staff, leaders, representatives, or members.

The toolkit is comprised of this facilitators’ guide and an activities workbook. It aims to provide unions with tools to develop workplace solutions that tackle violence and harassment, with a special focus on gender-based violence and harassment, and ensure that violence is no longer considered as “part of the job”.

The toolkit has been designed to:

  • Encourage discussion about violence and harassment and gender-based violence in the world of work

  • Raise awareness about the ILO C190, its accompanying Recommendation R206 and its significance for workers – particularly women workers

  • Encourage unions across the world to campaign for the ratification of C190 and its effective implementation in line with R206

  • Encourage unions to use these instruments to integrate C190 into the union bargaining agenda

  • Build stronger unions to enable workers to assert our rights to a world of work free from violence and harassment.

The toolkit was prepared by Georgia Montague-Nelson and Dave Spooner from the Global Labour Institute, Manchester, UK, commissioned by a coalition of Global Federations with the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) as a resource for the international trade union movement.

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