10 Days Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave for All

We know the tragic numbers: on average a woman is killed each week by a partner, ex-partner or family member in Australia. Hundreds of thousands report facing violence at home – figures that have surged during the pandemic, as many women – and it nearly always is women – were trapped further into abusive relationships.

 Workplaces have a key role to play in supporting a woman facing family and domestic violence. Paid leave, can help a woman leave. It gives her the time and financial security to take steps to secure her safety.

This Workplace Campaign Guide by the Australian Unions aims to help to win
this right for all workers: to get paid family and domestic violence leave embedded in National Employment Standards.

Part one of this campaign Guide provides the background to the issue. Part two is about taking action: getting your employer to show their public support and your colleagues engaged and active. Part three is about the steps needed to prevent and respond to domestic violence in your workplace.

Also see the Model Domestic Violence Leave Clause.

Also see