Water campaign in Cameroon

The best way to guarantee access to good quality water in sufficient quantity to the entire Cameroonian population is to integrate the water management company into the public domain and to exclude private service providers whose sole objective is to make a profit, at the expense of the mission of the public service and the population.


SYNATEEC and PSI sensitising workers against Covid-19

After 10 years of privatization, during which Cameroonians experienced water shortages, poor water quality and the elimination of free water fountains in low-income neighbourhoods, the State decided to renationalize water management. Therefore, to ensure that this renationalization is sustainable, Synateec, with the support of PSI, has set up the "Cameroon Public Water" platform which brings together trade unions, NGOs, associations and CSOs to find ways and means to positively influence policies related to the remunicipalization of the public drinking water service in Cameroon. Members of the network use their creativity to mobilize the public, ensuring that their message is heard loud and clear.


In its mission to make every effort to persuade the State of Cameroon to keep drinking water in the public fold, SYNATEEC organized with the collaloration of Public Services International (PSI) from 13 to 14 June 2019 an awareness workshop for CSOs acting in the fields of water, environment and human rights in Cameroon in Central Africa.

Video: Cameroon water Campaign - Juin 2019

The project will benefit the Cameroonian population by promoting access to sufficient and quality water.