Tax Justice for Quality Public Services

Without a fair tax system most public service trade union goals can not be achieved. Tax funds quality public services, redistributes wealth, funds development and jobs and ensures that public sector workers have decent work and are well trained. But the current global tax rules are not fair – large corporations and the very wealthy pay too little while workers and consumers pay too much. And the whole system is shrouded in secrecy that keeps the facts hidden.

This project exposes the unfairness of the current rigged global tax rules and the narrow interests that keep the debate away from the population. It ensures that workers have a say in the rules that affect them at a global, regional and national level.


Want to know how simple it is to tax the tech giants (and other tax dodging MNEs) and pay for quality public services? Watch our animation video. Everyone wins except tax dodgers and tax havens.

The answer is: Unitary Taxation

The project exposes the unfairness of the system, provides tools and supports affiliates to lobby governments and participate in the policy making process. It produces research to provide evidence for our case, to support lobbying and to explain in simple terms to workers and the population why the rules must change. It also supports selected country campaign to build political pressure on governments for change and co-ordinates these efforts to lobby the OECD and the UN for fairer rules and more transparency.

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We are currently working in Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, Korea, Ethiopia and Tunisia.


Tax justice - MENA region

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Following the announcement of the OECD/G20 agreement to create a global minimum tax on corporations in late 2021, PSI is organizing a discussion and analysis that will include: The structure of this unprecedented agreement, impacts on tax justice for Latin American countries, next steps, and how the trade union movement can influence implementation.