Strengthening young leaders in the public service unions of Inter-America

Project objectives

Not only are young workers more often unemployed than adult workers, but they also tend to be in precarious and temporary jobs with low wages and less social security and where their level of education is often not recognized.

On the other hand, many public sector unions are left without a youth perspective in their policies, with little or no youth leadership in their decision-making bodies and with difficulties in attracting young workers into the labour movement. The lack of trade union renewal is gradually weakening the capacity of our organisations to defend quality public services and decent work for all workers, especially young people affected by the precariousness of work.

The project aims to contribute to solving, in the long term, the situation of young workers, through the integration of this age group in all levels of management and trade union activity, so that the organised workers' movement survives and grows.

Intervention strategy

To strengthen and train youth leaders in public sector unions, the project aims to involve and give a voice to young workers. This will help the unions by contributing to building new solutions to the modern challenges of the world of work and help grow a strong union leadership with experience and in-depth knowledge of the problems and strategies facing the world of work at the global level.

Participation and beneficiaries

The participation of PSI-affiliated public sector unions in the Inter-American region has been considered for this project.