Strengthening trade unions in the energy sector in Indonesia

PSI is committed to supporting unions in the energy sector in Indonesia to grow density and power through greater unity and successful collective bargaining. The project should help secure quality public energy supply and service and collectively advocate for Just Transition in energy policies.

Over the past years, unions in the sector have been under attack and weakened through policies of unbundling for privatisation. Whilst our affiliates have been fighting against privatisation, their strength and density has been waning.

This project will strategically focus on the capacity building of five unions to broadening the knowledge and skills of the union leaders to organise and grow by reaching out to all workers in the energy sector. It aims to expand the power of energy sector unions in Indonesia by increasing their density and unity across unions through organizing workers at the workplace. The project will also focus on developing, consolidating and unifying energy sector unions, establish data through research and mapping, and building network structure to pro-actively give a response and fight the government agenda on privatisation and unbundling. The concept of just transition and green renewables will be introduced to the unions to increasing awareness.

PSI has three affiliates in the sector in Indonesia. In November 2018, PSI brought together 2 independent unions affiliated to BWI and IndustriAll for the first time to support coordinated action. The unions agreed to work together on a strategy to build strength, unity and capacities that should result in stronger power to bargain, defend workers’ rights and to defend electricity as a public good.

Projects blog:

Strengthening Unions in the Energy Sector in Indonesia

PSI affiliates involved are:

  • Serikat Pekerja PT PLN Persero (SP PLN Persero)

  • Serikat Pekerja PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali (SP PJB)

  • Persatuan Pegawai Indonesia Power (PPIP)

The BWI and IndustriAll affiliates involved are:

  • Federasi Serikat Pekerja Kerakyatan (Serbuk), BWI – that organizes and has members in IPP’s (independent Power Producers) and PLN’s (The Electricity State Own Enterprises) vendors (or outsource companies) – meter reading and billing

  • Serikat Pekerja Electronical and Electricity Indonesia Metal Workers Federations (SPEE-FSPMI), IndustriAll – that organizes and has members who do operation and technical work of the PLN company (outsource workers) and also sub-sub-subsidiaries company of PLN Company, at PT Haleyora Powerindo (HPI)

By the end of the project, the participating unions are expected to continue to collaborate within the network. They will be involved in the process where all of them are unified to jointly deal with the identified common issues and goals, including anti-privatization stance and against union busting, among others.

Facebook group: PSI/SASK Energy Project for Indonesia