Strategic planning for social dialogue opportunities for public services trade unions

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of trade unions in Lebanon and Jordan to defend workers’ rights and ensure access to public services for all through the development of strategic plans to implement the process of collective bargaining and social dialogue.

As defined by the International Labor Organization (ILO), Social dialogue in all its forms (negotiation, consultation or exchange of information between and among representatives of governments, workers and employers) and collective bargaining, are vital to improve the lives and rights of workers. Defending these rights is a main objective for trade unions to protect and improve their members’ wages, benefits, job security, equality and health and safety at work, access to public services, as well as their trade union rights.

The project aims at creating better synergy between social partner at the national level in Jordan and Lebanon. It will also build the capacities of, and train trade unions on the importance of social dialogue and collective bargaining as a

All PSI affiliates in Lebanon and Jordan will profit from the project. It will help build leadership capacity, help women committee activists to conduct successful social dialogue at their union level, and have an input in the formulation of government policies at the national level that respect workers' rights, ensure decent working conditions and social protection as a condition to reach social justice. The entire society will benefit from the project indirectly. New affiliates that join PSI during the project's life will join the project activities.