Sexual harassment in Liberia

The goal of this project is to ensure that union women committees and union leadership in NAHWUL and CSUL are well trained to engage on sexual harassment issues and workplace rights. The unions will map incidents of sexual harassment in public administration and the health sector and propose measures to reduce sexual harassment.


Liberian women have not known that sexual harassment is a serious issue to talk about, even though they have been greatly affected,” says Martha C. Morris, from the National Health Workers Union of Liberia, in an interview with PSI.

Video: Raising Awareness on Sexual Harassment in Liberia

The project seeks to achieve its objectives by elaborating on internal capacity building for women’s committees and union structures, awareness raising on the issues at the shop floor, and evidence based engagement with the Government and employers on formulation of policies that will protect women and prevent sexual harassment in the work place. The project embarked on a study to compile testimonies on instances of sexual harassment in the workplace in 2019, the report of the study will form the basis of negotiations, advocacy and campaign on sexual harassment in the workplaces in Liberia.

The Unions involved in this project are NAHWUL (National Health Workers’ Union of Liberia) and CSUL (Civil Service Union of Liberia). Target groups include trade union leadership and women at the shop-floor.

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