Resisting setbacks & strengthening trade union capacity to fight for equal opportunities & combat discrimination

In concrete terms, this project has facilitated the consolidation of PSI Interamerica’s regional committees of young workers, LGBT+ activists and the committee to combat racism and xenophobia. This project employs an innovative model of international partnership. The actions that are organised and committed to are defined by the project participants themselves. This structure provides a high degree of flexibility that allows participants to define priorities according to local strengths, weaknesses and tactics, while maintaining strong contact with other activists working in the same areas across the region.


Video based on the publication “Practical Guide to Trade Union Action: International Human Rights Instruments”, produced by Public Services International in association with DGB. Access the guide at:

International Human Rights Instruments

The second key dimension of this project is annual training seminars where labour and trade union rights are examined in the context of international institutions and their monitoring instruments.

The following trade union guides were published as part of this project. These three guides provide detailed instructions for trade union interventions in various international arenas including the International Labour Organization, the Inter-American Court and Commission of Human Rights, the universal human rights system of the United Nations and global framework agreements that have PSI has negotiated with multinational corporations.


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