Promoting Transparency and Decent Work in Supply Chains in Electricity, Water and Waste Services in Sub-Sahara Africa

The goal of this project is to promote transparency and decent work in supply chains in electricity, water and waste services in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The objectives of this project are twofold:

  1. In the context of privatisation and restructuring of water, energy and waste services, this project will help trade unions safeguard workers’ interests in the whole value chain.

  2. Encourage trade unions to promote universal access to quality public services that are environmentally sustainable and provide decent work.

Project activities

This project will concretely:

  • build up knowledge about the investment value chains and disseminate information on relevant policies to the rank and file;

  • develop strategies to connect with the workers within these value chains;

  • mobilise workers against policies and actions that go against accessibility and quality public services in the water, energy and waste sectors;

  • build and consolidate alliances with like-minded organisations in civil society to work jointly on the necessary improvements in the sectors;

  • Sensitise the public about the importance of keeping utilities in public hands; and engage employers and policy makers about issues of the project.


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