Promoting LGBTI rights in the workplace by the Global Unions

This project is the result of years of increasing commitment to equality for LGBT+ workers by the Council of Global Unions (CGU). This project is to help support the first concrete act by the CGU to establish a CGU LGBT+ Working Group (WG), composed of representatives from all Global Unions.

Global Unions LGBTI Workers website

the Council of Global Unions is releasing our LGBTI website to share the work of Global Unions promoting LGBTI rights at work at national, regional and international levels.

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The CGU LGBT+ WG aims to improve the rights of LGBT+ workers globally by partnering with affiliates of each Global Union, LGBTI trade unionists within each of the Global Unions and several LGBT+ international NGOs to work towards three main goals:

  • Create a platform for LGBT+ trade unionists from all over the world to network and for LGBT+ allies to show solidarity with them;

  • Adopt common initiatives by all CGU members to signal the shared commitment to LGBT+ workers’ rights and the create tools to empower affiliates in their efforts to change policies at the local and regional level;

  • Create cooperation with international LGBT+ organisations to affect change in intergovernmental bodies.