ILO Convention 151 Campaigning from Ratification to Law: Enabling trade union rights in public services

The PSI Philippines affiliates seek to build on their successful campaign to Ratify ILO Convention 151, Labor Relations (Public Service) Convention, 1978. The project focuses on work to ensure the enabling legislation is effectively drafted and adopted, to prepare affiliates to capitalize on the ratification.

The primary objective of the project is to campaign for the creation of a policy that will promote the rights of public sector workers to organize and collectively bargain. The enactment of national law can support the affiliates to gain their full bargaining rights and become more empowered to deal with other challenges affecting their sectors.

House Bill 2621 entitled “An Act Strengthening the Constitutional Rights of Government Employees to Self-Organization, Collective Negotiation and Peaceful Concerted Activities and Use of Voluntary Modes of Dispute Settlement” was filed on July 24, 2019, using the draft measures submitted by the PSI Philippines affiliates as reference.