Debt, public services and workers

With an average of eight countries per year facing debt crisis since 1970, sovereign debt issues will likely affect most workers in the world at some point in their life. When it does, it is used to deregulate, privatise, drive down wages and attack trade union rights, cut pensions and welfare, cut public services and impose austerity.

This project equips workers and their unions with the knowledge and tools to have a say in the decisions made before, during and after debt becomes a crisis.

Debt briefs

The project aims to increase awareness and educate on debt issues among unions leaders, public sector workers and ultimately across the labour movement in Europe, Africa and Latin America. It supports unions to develop an effective voice, to fully engage in social dialogue and defend workers’ rights.


It also articulates the changes needed to fix the global rules to ensure countries and the people are not punished for debt crises created by financial deregulation, big banks and reckless property speculation.

Debt and Workers - All Briefs Combined

This single PDF combines all five of PSI's Briefs on Debt and Workers along with our Special Brief: Debt and Covid. Download the individual briefs below.