Building Trade Union Capacities and Quality Public Services for a Just Transition to Climate Change

The objective of this project is:

  • to build the capacity of public services unions to be involved in environment policy discussions with governments and push for environmental policy becoming a tripartite issue;

  • to contribute to public sector trade unions’ technical and organisational capacities to engage in effective social dialogue for policy development on climate change mitigation and adaptation and to promote a just and green transition to sustainable development;

  • to produce a toolkit that helps public sector trade union leadership analyse and monitor national climate change actions, and gain an understanding of the linkages between labour and environment challenges.


The beneficiaries are:

  • Trade union leadership, Education officers, women representatives, young worker representatives and other union officers are direct beneficiaries

  • Users of public services and un-organised workers are indirect beneficiaries.

Article written by Johannah-Rae Reyes for ROAR magazine

Building towards climate resilience in the Caribbean

The climate crisis is posing an existential threat to the Caribbean — labor unions have a crucial role to play in preventing and preparing for impending disasters.



This video was produced by Public Services International (PSI) and the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (Forum Tunisien pour les Droits Economiques et Sociaux - FTDES).

Climate change challenges in Tunisia