Rebuilding the Social Organisation of Care

RadioLabour interviews PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli on the 5Rs of the Care Manifesto: Rebuilding the social organisation of care

Public Services International is part of a group* fighting for a five-step programme - the 5Rs - to recognise the social and economic value of care work (paid or not) and the human right to care. The Care Manifesto for Rebuilding the Social Organisation of Care calls for a global movement to join forces and rebuild the social organisation of care. An interview with PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli.

*The group includes Public Services International (PSI); ActionAid International; Center for Economic and Social Rights - CESR; Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era - DAWN; Global Alliance for Tax Justice - GATJ; Womankind Worldwide; Global Initiative for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; African Women's Development and Communication Network(FEMNET).