Zimbabwe's sacked nurses return to work

Around 16,000 nurses in Zimbabwe resumed work bringing to an end one week of strikes that affected health services in the country.

Zimbabwe's health minister David Parirenyatwa said the situation had "returned to normal" in all hospitals.

The majority of nurses dismissed have applied for re-engagement and government has permitted them to resume duty pending final approval from the employer.

Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA): We are happy

On Monday the government accepted all the nurses back and it was business as usual again‚ despite a pending urgent court application by nurses challenging their dismissal. In its response, general secretary of Zimbabwe Nurses Association (ZINA), a PSI affiliate, Enock Dongo was happy for the decision made by the governement. 

We are happy that nurses have been taken back unconditionally because their grievances are valid.

Dongo told journalists in Harare that hiring new nurses meant that there was an increase in the staff complement at the country's public health institutions but that did not alter the fact that nurses needed to get what was due to them.

We still need what's due to us because‚ even if there are numbers in hospital‚ it's hopeless when it's a de-motivated lot with poor working conditions.

The defiant nurses in the country went striking in the middle of April, demanding better pay and improved health services.