Working for the alternative: Implementing PSI's mandate in 2013 and beyond

The 2012 PSI World Congress provided a framework for Public Services International's discussions and decisions. However, it is necessary to focus priorities. This document presents a detailed implementation plan for PSI's mandate in 2013 and beyond.

The resolutions from Congress provide a framework for our discussions and decisions.  However, the combined resolutions from Congress represent a massive work plan which cannot be implemented all at once, on all fronts.  Each region and sub-region will have certain differences in their interpretation of the relevance of each element of the Congress resolutions.

The attached paper, presented to the Executive Board EB-145 for discussion in May 2013, after consultations in the sub-regional advisory committees and regional executive committees in early 2013, presents the results of the policy and strategy team’s efforts to focus priorities and to be more specific about activities for 2013 and beyond.

Download the message from PSI general secretary Rosa Pavanelli to all PSI affiliates via the link below