Women's workshop in Jordan

Within the framework of the project “Strengthening organizational capacities of women trade unionists", implemented by PSI in partnership with Union to Union and the Swedish affiliate ST, 20 unionists from PSI-affiliated unions in Jordan organised on 27 August an advanced workshop to assess the mobilisation and organisational experiences of the participants of women trade unionists.

On 27 August 2022, the women’s committees of three PSI-affiliated unions in Jordan: the Independent Union of Workers in the Municipalities of the Northern Region, the Independent Trade Union of Health Sector and the Independent Syndicate for the Department of Statistics Employees held an advanced workshop on the right to organise and the right to association in local and international legislation and the development of mobilisation and organisational skills.

The hybrid workshop was held at the Al Bekaai hall in Irbid, with the remote participation from Beirut of the project coordinator, Chahnaz El Zein who gave a training session on mobilisation during campaigns, how to benefit from them, and how to organise women workers within unions for their active participation.

The aim of this workshop was to assess the mobilisation and organisational experiences of the participants in order to create a strategy for collaboration with civil society organisations to carry out the final campaign in 2022.

The workshop concluded with the following recommendations:

  1. Transfer the knowledge that participants have gained to their co-workers and colleagues.

  2. Encourage their female unionists who are not actively involved in union activities to do so by sharing their experiences and highlighting the acquired benefits that have reflected positively on their professional, social, and economic lives.

  3. The participants established a target for each of them to encourage five new women members to join the unions by end of the year.

  4. Follow up on networking with civil society organisations to meet with them and exert pressure on decision-makers to end violence and discrimination against women in the workplace.