UN CSW68 – Global Feminist Rally For Palestine – Ceasefire Now!!!

Around a hundred women activists participating in the official and parallel events of the 68th Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women gathered at the park across the UN Headquarters in New York to vent their anger, anguish and frustration at the rising number of deaths, destruction and suffering of thousands of women, children and innocent civilians in Palestine.

“Today we bring the voice of our mothers, sisters and other feminists in Palestine who cannot be here. Everyday they are hiding in shelters without access to food, water and other basic needs,” says one young activist, whose mother is left in Gaza. She read her mother’s phone message describing how she and many families are forced to stay together in stranger’s homes without electricity as they hide away from the bombs.

Joining the rally, the all-women PSI delegation brings solidarity on behalf of the hundreds of health care workers and other essential workers who are risking their lives everyday rescuing people, saving lives and delivering whatever aid provisions that managed to get through.

In peaceful demonstration, the rallyists amplified their voices with testimonies, songs and chants, with the messages:

There can be no feminism without Palestine!
People and planet over profit!
In our millions, in our thousands, we are all Palestinians!
Ceasefire NOW!