Trade union leader killed in Guatemala

Brenda Marleni Estrada, trade union leader from Unsitragua Histórica, was killed in Guatemala City on Sunday June 19, after receiving five shots by unknown individuals. Brenda served for several years as part of the team of advisers and also occupied the sub-coordination of the Legal Council Commission in her union.

Just weeks ago, the Minister of Labour of Guatemala addressed the members of the Committee on the Application of Standards at the 105th International Labour Conference and said that authorities denied protective measures for trade union officials after the Risk Assessment Department of the National Civil Police determined that the risk was low.

This murder occurs at the same time that members of the government are carrying out a smear campaign in the media against trade unions in public services, accusing them of being the cause for the economic and institutional crisis in the country.

PSI stands in solidarity with trade unionists in Guatemala and calls on the government to conduct a prompt and effective investigation of this crime and to provide security measures for threatened trade unionists.