The electricity crisis in Iraq and its impact on workers

PSI affiliate, the General Union of Iraqi Electricity Workers, is at the forefront of defending the rights of electricity workers. Fighting precarious work and difficult working conditions, these workers are demanding the creation of special or emergency legislation to preserve their rights.

Despite temperatures reaching 50 degrees, power cuts have hit Iraqi cities, especially in the centre and the south of the country. This has become intolerable for Iraqis whose electricity has, in certain areas, been cut off for several days.

Workers from the electricity sector are also suffering from this situation as they are exposed to many defects or burnt-out transformers, melted transmission wires and deficiencies in the production stations. The situation has worsened following attacks by ISIS terrorists on power transmission towers in the country. All this has created confusion and has had consequences on the electricity workers who are responsible for repairing these faults and risk their lives doing so.

PSI affiliate, the General Union of Iraqi Electricity Workers, stresses the need to develop stable solutions to meet the suffering of these workers and ensure they are not deprived of basic rights. They stress the need for them to obtain permanent contracts, receive compensation following injuries or death and be included in retirement plans.