Thai unions submit "9 Claims for the Protection of Rights" on IWD

On March 8, 2023, State Enterprise Workers' Relations Confederation together with the Thai Labor Solidarity Committee organized a marched to the Government House to submit a petition containing “9 Claims for the Protection of Rights” to the Prime Minister on International Women's Day.

The demands of workers for the International Women's Day 2023 are as follows: 

  1. States must adopt ILO Conventions - No. 177 on Domestic Work, - No. 183 On the Protection of Violated Maternity Rights in the World of Work - No. 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers - No. 190 on the Elimination of Violence

  2. Provide 180 days of maternity leave and allow men to take 30 days of maternity leave to take care of their wives.

  3. The state must establish measures to eliminate labor abuses for every 3,000 baht.

  4. The state must provide universal subsidies for young children. 0-6 years old

  5. The state must determine at least one-third of the ratio of women, men and gender in decision-making by the committees of all dimensions, at all levels, for equality and fairness.

  6. Set March 8 of every year as a traditional holiday.

  7. Increase the minimum wage that is sufficient to feed the family.

  8. Allow employees to work at home to access social security rights under Section 33, able to renew contracts in the country.

  9. Ask the Thai government to negotiate with the Myanmar authorities so that workers can renew contracts in the country.