Tax Briefs

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These briefs outline the reforms to the international corporate tax system that the global labour movement thinks are most important and provides specific demands for trade unions to make to their governments for domestic, regional and global reform to fix these problems.

They are designed to help unions meaningfully engage in the tax debate and provide them with the arguments, facts and strategies needed to win a tax system which works for workers.

Deep reform of international tax rules is needed to ensure that the corporate world and the very rich pay more tax to fund public services that workers and their families depend on and reverse the massive inequalities in wealth and power that the current global economy creates.

The secrecy which enables the super-rich to hide wealth in tax havens needs to end. Too many people are not aware of the scandalous amounts that our governments are allowing multi-national companies and the very wealthy to avoid. Vested interests spend a lot of money telling us that the issues are too complex for ordinary people to understand and that the rich will always find a way around the rules. In fact, the answers already exist. These briefs provide the roadmap.

Global unions are committed to working with the Tax Justice movement to keep on exposing the problems.

If your union would like to know more about how to campaign for tax justice, please contact Daniel Bertossa at PSI or Jason Ward at CICTAR.