Take action for racial and economic justice

On Monday 20 July, trade unions and allies in the United States will Strike for Black Lives. SEIU asks that unions from around the world send messages of support.

The murder of George Floyd set off protests in the United States and across the globe, as people were forced to address systemic racism and other forms of discrimination in their own societies. The struggle for justice in our communities and workplaces continues, even during the pandemic.

Support the #StrikeforBlackLives. Call for an end to racism. Now.

Here are some actions you can take in support of the strike:

  • Make a short video (no more than one minute) to supporting the #StrikeforBlackLives and commenting on your own national situation as concerns racism and discrimination. Remember to include your name, union and country.

  • Make a sign with your solidarity message, include your union name and country or city and the hashtag #StrikeforBlackLives - take a selfie.

  • Take a selfie or a group photo in front of a US embassy or consulate, holding a sign with your message, union name and country and the hashtag #StrikeforBlackLives.

  • Share your videos and photos on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) using #StrikeforBlackLives

  • See the Strike for Black Lives website for other actions you can take.

Strike for Black Lives

This is a moment to transform our economy and democracy but until we dismantle racism and white supremacy, we cannot win economic, climate or immigration justice.

Join the Day of Action

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