Swedish union donates centenary celebration funds in solidarity with Turkish unionists

On the occasion of its 100-year anniversary, members of the trade union Vision in Lund, Sweden, decided to donate the contributions collected for the event to its solidarity fund. The union has donated the money to the PSI solidarity fund for Turkish trade unions and it will help unionists in Turkey who have been detained for their trade union activity.

To celebrate their centenary, the Lund branch of Vision held a reception at the end of November 2018. A year ago, the union held a vote with its members to decide how to spend the money put aside for the centenary celebrations. There were suggestions to hold a big party or invite some famous speakers, but the suggestion to donate the money to a Solidarity Fund received the most votes.

The Vision Solidarity Fund supports trade unions, trade unionists and their families who have been in difficulties due to union involvement. All contributions to the Solidarity Fund come from Vision's members, departments and clubs.

The Lund branch invited other Vision departments to their celebration. They requested invitees not to bring a gift, but instead to contribute to the solidarity fund. Between the money raised by the branch and donations received during the reception, Vision collected a total of 82,000 SEK (around 8,200€). They will transfer the money to trade unionists in Turkey via the PSI solidarity fund for trade unions in Turkey.

On behalf of our Turkish affiliates, PSI thanks Vision and its members for their kind gesture.

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