Summit against water privatization gathers in Abuja

Global activists, unionists and human rights advocates will meet in Abuja, on 29-30 January for a national summit that aims at achieving the human right to water in Nigeria and around the world. Participants will come from communities around the world which have been directly impacted by the damages caused by private water industry.

The “Nigeria’s Water Emergency: From Resistance to Real Solutions Against Corporate Control" is organized by AUPCTRE, Environmental Rights Action/ Friends of the Earth, Nigeria (ERA/FoEN), Corporate Accountability and Public Services International (PSI).

Among other objectives, the summit will strengthen the solidarity between civil society groups, labor unions, activists, policy makers and the media to resist privatization in the water sector and provide sustainable solutions.

The first day of the summit will end by a screening of Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a documentary, which chronicles social unrest in the West African Republic of Liberia and which led to a coalition of Christian and Muslim women to rise up and put pressure on their government to pursue peace talks.

The summit will end with a communiqué/public statement which will chart a path forward for the future of access to water for the African continent and millions around the globe.