Striking nurses win in Delhi, India!

After a 9 day strike, nurses at the Maharaja Agrasen Hospital in Delhi, India have successfully won better pay, conditions and nurse to patient ratios.

The 370 nurses, who are members of PSI affiliate United Nurses Association, showed their strength and commitment to better health services, rallying in the city until the agreement was reached.
The agreement delivers to the nurses:
  • More than 20% pay increase for the lowest paid nurses (to meet the statutory requirement) 
  • Compliance with the nurse to patient ratio • Payments for additional night work and other allowances 
  • Documented salary slips • Review of pending demands • No victimisation of union leaders and striking members

The Delhi branch of the United Nurses Association was formed in 2017, making this their first victory and inspires nurses across the country also struggling for adequate pay, staffing and respect for their work and the invaluable public service they provide. 

In Kerala, nurses at the KVM hospital continue to be denied the minimum wage despite 6 months of industrial action. The win in Delhi will bolster the struggle of their sisters across the country. 
PSI congratulates UNA and all their members on a tremendous win for nurses and for the right to health in India. More power to UNA!