Strengthening the capacity of women unionists to organise, mobilise and campaign

Within the framework of the “Strengthening organizational capacities of women unionists” project implemented by PSI in partnership with Union to Union and the Swedish affiliate ST, PSI’s Iraqi affiliates held three separate workshops with the participation of trade unionists and Chahnaz El Zein, the Project Coordinator, who participated remotely from Beirut.

On 6, 23, and 24 September 2022, three training workshops were held in the governorates of Dohuk, Basra, and Baghdad to enhance women unionists’ capacities in the field of organising, mobilising and campaigning. The PSI unions involved were the General Union of Workers for Iraq-Electricity, the Union of Engineering and Technical Professions South Electricity Sector and the General Union of Kurdistan Labourers Syndicates.

As part of the 10/37 campaign (awareress campaign for Chapter Ten in the Iraqi Labor Law No. 37 of 2015, the chapter on protecting working women), about 50 women from the three PSI affiliated unions participated in these workshops.

They heard testimonies and lessons learned from other unionists working in the field, the problem of gender-based violence, women being harassed or bullied in the workplace was also tackled.

Colleagues Nihaya Saleh (in charge of women's issues- General Union of  Kurdistan Labourers Syndicates), Sundus Latif (in charge of women's issues-Union of Engineering and Technical Professions South Electricity Sector), and Intisar Al-Khafaji (President of  General Union for Workers in Iraq-Electricity) led these meetings, with the active participation of PSI’s local coordinator and President of the Union of Engineering and Technical Professions South Electricity Sector, Mr. Abbas Kazem Rabat.