Stop the corporatisation of defence industries in India

Message of Solidarity

August 17, 2019

Message of Solidarity

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the All India Defence Employees Federation (AIDEF), the Indian National Defence Workers Federation (INDWF), Bhartiya Pratiraksha Mazdoor Sangh (BPMS),

Public Services International (PSI), sends our support and solidarity to all workers taking part in strike action and the on-going struggle to stop the corporatisation and privatisation of defence industries.

All around the world public services and assets are under attack from powerful corporations and the governments and institutions that serve their interests. Defence is one of the most profitable industries globally. It is no surprise that corporations want to see it corporatized and ultimately privatised.

Corporatisation is almost always the first step towards privatisation.

Corporatisation treats both labour and public services as commodities and eliminates the potential to make decisions based on public good; rather than revenue.

At this moment in India, where the potential for major conflict is employed for political advantage, the importance of maintaining defence ordinances in public hands is even more clear. Privateers stoke the sparks of conflict when they stand to profit.

The courage and determination shown by workers determined to stand up for their labour rights, the rights of future generations of workers, and of the general public is a credit to our movement. More power to your collective actions.

In Solidarity,

Kate Lappin
Regional Secretary, Asia & Pacific