Solidarity with the workers and people of Niger

PSI regional office for Africa and Arab countries has sent a solidarity letter to the National Coordination of Public Services Union in Niger (CNSSPN) expressing their solidarity with the people and workers of Niger and condemning the coup d’état that took place on 26 July 2023.

Solidarity message

We, the Leadership and staff members of Public Services International (PSI) in Africa and the Arab countries, wish to express our unwavering solidarity with the people and workers of Niger following the coup d'état that took place on 26 July. Today, the Nigeriens are in a very difficult situation, with immense domestic and international consequences.

As a landlocked country plagued by poverty, low wages, not very safe working conditions and limited access to quality public services, the crises are exacerbating these conditions, especially for women, children and young people.

We unequivocally condemn the coup that deposed an elected government in Niger and any such coup in the region. We reaffirm our commitment to the rule of law and democracy.

We believe that the only way out of this situation is through a democratic process. One that considers all stakeholders, including women, youth, and trade unions. It is vital that ECOWAS takes steps to promote confidence, hope, and commitment to democracy to resolve the impasse in Niger. Military intervention should be out of the question.

Finally, we call for the rights of all stakeholders, including public service workers, to be respected. They must be treated with dignity.