Solidarity with the Sudanese People against the Coup d’état

The Sudan Doctors Union – UK branch unreservedly condemns Sudan's 25 October military coup. In a press statement, the PSI affiliate issued immediately after the military top brass dissolved the joint-military government, suspended the interim constitutional document, arrested political leaders, and declared martial law.

This usurpation of power is unacceptable. The response of working-class people and youth in the country was swift and has been sustained. The illegitimate junta has been met with resistance. A wave of protests and strikes have swept across the country.

At least seven protesters have been killed and 140 wounded. The Sudanese masses need our support to put back the junta into the sewers of history from which it reared its head. The African Union, European Union, and several countries have condemned the coup. The United Nations further called for "the utmost restraint" by all "Sudanese stakeholders".

At least seven protesters have been killed and 140 wounded.

These are not enough. Trade unions and democratic civil society organizations need to stand in solidarity with the people of Sudanese. We need to call for concrete action to support their struggle against the renewed face of counterrevolutionary dictatorship.

The 2019 Sudanese revolution was an inspiration for working-class people across the world. The Sudanese working-class mobilized the mass civil disobedience, which led to the overthrow of the 30-year regime of Omar al-Bashir.

Trade union federations such as the Sudanese Professionals Associations (SPA), women's coalitions, and united fronts of the Resistance Committees in the communities constituted themselves into the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), which provided leadership for the revolution.

SPA, which brings together associations of doctors, lawyers, engineers, and other professionals, has boldly said: "No to a military coup". And it has urged Sudanese to keep up the struggle until the coup upturned for "transition to a revolutionary civilian authority."


Strikes have been declared in several sectors of the Sudanese economy and society. Medical and health workers have withdrawn their services, except for cases of emergencies. Aviation workers have grounded the airspace. And the teachers' union has called on its members and other school workers to join the strike and mass protests.

Strikes have been declared in several sectors of the Sudanese economy and society.

The junta has equally raised the tempo of reaction. Dozens of Sudanese activists, journalists, and unionists have been violently abducted over the last few days. Their abductors, who refuse to identify themselves, are suspected to be operatives of the intelligence service and the infamous Rapid Support Force (RSF).

We recall how the military massacred more than 100 people in Khartoum on 3 June 2019, as the world stood by. This must not be allowed to repeat itself. The world must give no quarter to the military usurpers. Unions and civil society organizations across the world need to stand up in solidarity with the Sudanese people.

We must not only call on the governments of our countries to put pressure on the junta. We need to mobilize in our numbers to show these usurpers that the eyes of workers of all lands are on them and our limbs and spirit stand with the Sudanese working people and their democratic revolution. As PSI stands with its affiliated Sudanese Doctors’ Union and the Sudanese people in the ongoing struggle, we urge fervent and sustained global support for their life-or-death struggle for a better, democratic Sudan.