Seminar on gender equality in Baku in Azerbaijan

On 7th November 2013, Abvakabo FNV Women took part in a two-day seminar on gender equality in Baku in Azerbaijan with representatives of Azeri and Turkish unions. The seminar was organised with the support of Marina Irimie, PSI and EPSU sub-regional secretary for South East Europe. The seminar tackled issues of public sector services, government, healthcare and education and went on to discuss the terms and conditions in which women work.

Several speakers from Turkey mentioned shocking figures on violence against women that remain often unmentioned in the media. The Dutch delegation shared information on their campaign “We Can End Violence Against Women”  which develops trade union activities and strategies. The cooperation between KESK and Abvakabo FNV Women also includes work on ending violence against women.

One of the participants of KESK was Bedriye Yorgun, a mathematics lecturer at the SES College and member of a KESK education union. Bedriye was arrested in March 2012 because she wanted to join in the celebration of International Women's Day and was locked up in isolation until December 2012 without any information. She shared how important the international trade union support was in the courtroom once her case was finally heard and she was released.

See the FNV Vrouw website (in Dutch).