Russian health workers secured a basic salary

Two decrees signed by Vladimir Putin last month move Russian public health and health professionals an important step forward.

The Russian "Health Workers Union of the Russian Federation" (HWURF) has recently achieved an important goal.

On 7 May Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, signed two decrees - the first entitled "Measures for the implementation of a state social policy", the second "Improvement of public health policy" - taking into account the union’s repeated demands on establishment of a basic salary for skilled professional groups.

These documents provide a number of measures which have been constantly lobbied for by HWURF, such as an increase of health workers’ wages, the provision of health care by medical personnel and the improvement of the system of remuneration, which includes the establishment of a basic salary of professional skill groups.

These measures should also help to further improve public health policies aimed at preserving and promoting the health of Russian citizens and at increasing their life expectancy.