PSI's Tunisian affiliates created a play on GBV

Within the framework of the PSI project “Strategic planning for social dialogue opportunities for public services trade unions”, implemented in Jordan and Lebanon in partnership with FNV Mondiaal, PSI’s Tunisian affiliates created a play that revolves around gender-based violence (GBV) and the importance of implementing International Labor Convention No. 190, which aims to eliminate violence and harassment in the workplace.

The play is an educational dialogue theatrical play produced by PSI, scripted, performed and directed by 24 (F: 16, M: 8) Tunisian unionists from the eight PSI affiliates, that will tour the various states to introduce this agreement and present its advantages.

This play aims at extracting the most important content of C190 and formulating it in a simplified theatrical style, in addition to presenting the brochure “The Agreement is in Your Hands, interpret it for Your Participants,” which includes a general explanation and the full text of the agreement.

Before the first presentation of the play at the Ahmed Kheir Deen, House of Culture - Bab El-Assal Tunisia on 6 October 2022, the playwriter and director, Mr. Nawfal Rhayem, stated that this artistic production is intended for all UMT unionists as well as for the components of civil society. The creation of a lobby composed of members of civil society is one of the aims, in addition to educating workers about the content of the agreement’s provisions and urging the government to ratify C190, which ensures more protection for workers.

Mr. Nawfal emphasised that “the C190 would make an important contribution to the Tunisian legislative system and would complement Law 58 issued in 2017, given that it covers broader and more comprehensive content, and works to uphold human rights, particularly women's rights. The rights of workers in the informal sector, which accounts for 50% of Tunisia’s GDP, are also protected by C190.”

The “unionists’ play team” started their tour of the Tunisian regions on 12 October 2022. They also plan to organise a meeting with the components of civil society for further coordination.