PSI workshop: Access and Portability of Social Protection for Migrant Workers

This flyer gives details concerning the workshop taking place on Thursday 3rd October from 1.30pm – 3.00pm, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Church Center of the UN, 777 UN Plaza (Corner of 44th and 1st Avenue), New York City

The workshop will look at the different obstacles related to the provision of social protection for migrant workers. It will serve as a venue for trade unions and civil society groups from both origin and destination countries to develop a Social Protection Agenda and contribute to building a movement that will advance access and portability of social protection for migrant workers.

Of the 232 million international migrants worldwide, more than half are migrant workers. Despite their increasing number through the years, migrant workers -- particularly women and undocumented workers -- are often excluded from social protection coverage and schemes. Migrants in general lose some or all of their acquired social security benefits when they return to their home countries. The territorial nature of social security and the various conditions associated with entitlement to benefits create particular hurdles for migrant workers to avail of their rights. The shift towards temporary and circular migration models further make it difficult for them to access social protection.