PSI stands in Solidarity with Zambian Council Workers

As a result of the central Government of Zambia delaying funds to local government authorities that should pay workers' salaries, council workers in Zambia have recently been on go-slow.

PSI condemns the action by the Zambian Government to suspend workers councils that are on strike in response to delays in the payment of workers' salaries. We recognize this action as meant to dissuade other workers from continuing with such necessary action.

During the just-concluded 13th Africa & Arab Countries Regional Conference (AFRECON) in Lomé - Togo, PSI and its affiliates participated in two activities to show solidarity with the Zambian United Local Authorities Workers Union (ZULAWU) and affected council workers. Top delegates from PSI’s Africa & Arab Countries Region staged a solidarity action in which they expressed support for their fellow workers and called upon the central Government to ensure that the salary arrears are cleared, and salaries are paid on time.

Secondly, the AFRECON in session adopted a resolution condemning the accumulation of salary arrears and making it an important objective for PSI to take further action to make sure the Government clear arrears and put in place mechanisms that ensure that salaries are paid to workers on time.

PSI & Affiliates from the Africa & Arab Countries Region show solidarity towards Zambian Council Workers at the 13th AFRECON in Lomé, Togo.

Key figures

Council Workers Strike in Zambia


Councils in Zambia have not paid workers their salaries

> 90

Days since workers last received their monthly salaries

> 28

Councils on strike

The protest action was also featured in AFRECON's closing video below (starts from minute 2:57 onwards).


Day 3 - Closing Video #AFRECON2019

This resolution invokes the provisions of the ILO Convention 95 on the Protection of Wages. Article 12 of the convention states that: Wages shall be paid regularly. Failure to pay wages regularly is a clear violation of this provision and the violation of the dignity of the workers and their families. As a further step, if the situation remains unresolved, PSI will mobilize protests at Zambian diplomatic missions across the world to draw attention to this unfair treatment of the workers.

Together, we can never be defeated!